Doís and Doníts of Dog Safety



  1. Always ask the ownerís permission before petting.

  2. Remember: not every dog that wags its tail is friendly.

  1. Always approach dogs slowly and carefully.

  2. When meeting a dog, let it come to you and smell you first

  3. Know where the dogs in your neighborhood live.

  4. Stay away from stray dogs.

  5. If a dog approaches you, remain calm. DONíT SCREAM. Stand still.

  6. Always protect your face, neck, and arms.

  7. If youíre attacked, give the dog a book or backpack to chew on.

  8. If a dog knocks you onto the ground, curl up in a ball.

  9. If youíre attacked, cover your head and neck. Protect your face.

  10.  When a dog you donít know comes close, be very still! Stand like a tree!  Be like a rock!

  1. Always use a leash when you walk your dog.

  2. Tell your friends what youíve learned about dog safety.



  1. Donít make loud noises around dogs.

  2. Donít bother a dog while it is sleeping or eating.

  3. Never tease a dog.

  4. Never reach through a fence to pet a dog.

  5. Never put your hand between two dogs.

  6. Never put your face close to a dog.

  7. Never try to help a hurt dog; get an adult to help.

  8. Never enter a yard with a dog in it without permission.

  9. Never leave a baby alone with a dog.

  10. Donít bother a mother dog when she is caring for her puppies.

  11. Never pull a dogís ears or tail.



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